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The return of Jonny Midnight

Sunday 25 July, 2021


Cornetist and Geneva artist, Jim Hayes, is no stranger to the solo spotlight. Principal cornet with the cooperation band, the talented performer has also recorded several solo albums under the guise of alter-ego, Jonny Midnight.

Jim – or Johnny – chats to British Bandsman editor Mark Good about his latest solo offering, his musical life to date and his experiences of the past 16 months.


What have the past 16 months looked like for you?

JH: I’ve been doing ok. I’ve tried to play as often as I can but it’s not enough. I was playing with Wingates recently at the Best of Brass Festival and that was a real kick in the face but hopefully that has given me some chops back.


You recently released your latest album, Jonny Midnight – The Edge of Forever, accompanied by the cooperation band, conducted by Mike Fowles. How delighted are you to finally be able to bring this one to fruition?

JH: The album was actually recorded a year gone in November and it was due to come out around the Regionals. Because of COVID and everyone working from home, getting some of the written permissions took an eternity.


How did you come to choose the music for the album? There’s a hugely varied range on there.

JH: I have people who arrange for me anyway but I also let people know that I’ll be doing a CD and welcome submissions from them. Mike and I go through everything and try them all. I think we had 70-75 tracks for this album but we’re obviously limited to about an hour – but some will feature on the next one.


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