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The conductors' toolkit

Saturday 12 June, 2021

After an absence of more than a year, bands are beginning to resume in-person activities. They require conductors to guide them through what remains a tremendously challenging time – so how do musical directors and band trainers make the best use of their time?

Writing exclusively for British Bandsman, Cory Band’s inspirational musical director Philip Harper presents the first article in a new series called The Conductors' Toolkit, which aims to equip – or re-equip – conductors with everything required to steer their organisations back on stage with confidence.


Like me, I’m sure all conductors are rejoicing in the fact that we are finally allowed back in front of our bands in person after (in my case at least) an absence of 14 months. The first few Cory rehearsals of the new age have all been incredibly joyful and inspiring occasions for me as the sound that I have missed so much has finally returned to my eardrums – wonderful!

But there is also a trepidation to how I feel about the road ahead. How has the banding landscape changed since COVID? Will people feel differently about playing with bands? Will concert promoters be able financially to put on events again? Will audiences have the confidence to return to listen to us?


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