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Writing the next chapter

Thursday 13 May, 2021

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges for musicians around the world and Dutch euphonium star Robbert Vos is no exception. However, it has also given the 34-year-old time to think and he recently stepped down as musical director of Brass Band Schoonhoven.

Besson artist Robbert, who lives in the city of Oss, chats to British Bandsman editor Mark Good about the decision, reflects on the past year and charts his musical roots from picking up the flugelhorn to rising to the top with the euphonium.


How has the past year been for you?

RV: It has been very awkward for everyone. I was not able to work for almost 14 months. We had a rare moment of doing a small concert at the end of September. I decided to undertake a lot of online activity, posting videos and some teaching. I created some new work opportunities. It was strange but there were some good moments too.

You have developed a very good social media presence. How have you tried to cultivate that?

RV: Last year I tried to post daily videos. In the first lockdown, I thought I might do it for three weeks – and I did it for 65 days. That was fun and brought me into contact with people in places like Japan, Columbia and Brazil, so I held online workshops for them.


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