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Liv Appleton: Where are the women?

Thursday 25 March, 2021

A question on social media recently made BB columnist Liv Appleton think. A male player asked why there weren’t as many female conductors, composers and adjudicators compared to their male counterparts.

Liv thought this was a really good, open conversation starter – so has made the topic the focus of her column.


Confidence is key

Women being criticised and held back from their true potential isn’t just a banding issue, it is a problem in society, generally. Society is behind the times but I feel that our community is even further behind. If we take the rose-tinted glasses off for a second and look at the movement honestly, we have to admit that we have some serious work to do in terms of gender equality and other discrimination issues.

As a woman musician, I have experienced inappropriate sexual comments, sexist insults and pressure placed upon my playing, just because I am female. If we are asking about why more female players aren’t taking up the baton, composing pencil or adjudicating pen, we need to look at the toxic behaviour women are expected to tolerate. If we are criticised for every little thing that we do compared to male players, why would we feel compelled to take up conducting, adjudication or composition – roles that are known to come with a lot of criticism anyway?!


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