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Issue 6088

MAPPED OUT - Host cities confirmed for European Championships

IFOR JAMES - The horn player who tried to change the horns 

Composer Cast: Naomi Styles

Wednesday 3 March, 2021

Naomi Styles is a composer and arranger based in Wiltshire, with arrangements and compositions published by Pennine Music and Devilish Publishing respectively. Not involved in any brass bands until her twenties, Naomi played with Sussex Brass before moving to Wiltshire and joining Bratton Silver Band where she plays tuned percussion, and occasionally E-flat bass. Naomi is also a writer of books and other materials for people learning English as a foreign language.

Christopher Bond finds out more.


Tell me about your upbringing and your early musical experiences.

NS: I had an extremely musical upbringing; my dad was assistant organist and choirmaster at Leicester cathedral, as well as an organ and school music teacher. My mum ran a children's choir and a ladies choir from our living room. My elder sister is a professional fiddle player. I failed to learn violin when I was very young, switched to cornet and later progressed to French horn, (taught by Betty Anderson and Kevin Dye). Life in my childhood and adolescence was a stream of orchestras, choirs, chamber groups and concert bands. I studied music through secondary school and then went to Bangor University, initially to study music (where I was briefly tutored by Cory Band's ex composer-in-residence, John Pickard) but soon felt I needed a change from my overly-musical world and switched to studying agroforestry, keeping music as a hobby.


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