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BB Brass Masterclass: Richard Marshall on finding your motivation

Tuesday 9 February, 2021

How much playing have you done over the past few months? With band rehearsals shuddering to a halt during various lockdowns, many people have been struggling for motivation.

Writing exclusively for British Bandsman, Black Dyke Band principal cornet and Geneva Artist Richard Marshall reflects on his own experiences and offers hints and tips on finding the spark to reignite your playing.


We all find ourselves in our third lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a crazy year so far and let’s put our faith and hope that the vaccines available will help eliminate this disastrous virus. How can we keep ourselves motivated when we find that we are stuck in the same four walls on a daily basis?

As a musician I, like many readers, have probably not rehearsed with a band for around 10 months now and yes, it’s still going. We miss the rapport, socialising and above all, the music making that a brass band is so good at. Trying to recreate this while stuck in your practice room is tough but fingers crossed, I can offer some words of motivation to help.


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