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Composer Cast: Stijn Aertgeerts

Wednesday 3 February, 2021

Stijn Aertgeerts is a Belgian composer writing for brass band, concert band and fanfare orchestra. An integral member of Brassband Willebroek’s tuba section for the past 12 years, Stijn has written works for leading bands and soloists across Europe, including Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag. In 2019, he was runner-up in both Cory Band’s composition competition and the European Composer Competition.

Christopher Bond finds out more from the talented Belgian musician.


What were your early musical experiences?

SA: I grew up in a small town in Belgium called Heist op-den Berg. I started playing the flugelhorn in the local Fanfare Orchestra of Heist-Goor, where I got my first lessons from Geert Van Looy (Glenn Van Looy's father) who conducted the band. Over the years he really helped me develop a love for all sorts of band music by taking me along to other bands he conducted and introduced me to my next teacher, Arthur Vanderhoeft.

I also became really inspired by listening to Glenn playing at rehearsals every week and I've been a huge fan of him ever since. Thanks to Arthur, I got the chance to join the European Youth Brass Band on cornet for the first time in 2006 in Belfast (together with Glenn) which was the first time I ever heard a brass band – I was hooked immediately.


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