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The 42nd European Brass Band Championships - Challenge Section - LIVE!

Saturday 27 April, 2019
Full Results
1. Brass Band Regensburg - Dave Lea (Germany) 95

2. LT Brass - Russel Gray (Lithuania) 93

3. 1st Old Boys Band - Stephan Cairns (Northern Ireland) 92

4. Malaga Brass Band - Víctor Eloy López Cerezo (Spain) 89

5. Annan Town Band - Paul Drury (Scotland) 88 *

Best Soloist - Euphonium - Band No. 5: Brass Band Regensburg

* 2 points deducted because of passing the limit of total playing time (26'40'')
5. Brass Band Regensburg (Germany)

It’s the band from Germany that will bring a close to this very enjoyable Challenge Section this morning

Own Choice - Spectrum - Gilbert Vinter

A very solid beginning full of drive and energy. Exciting playing with good attention to detail. Good playing from the soloists around the band as well a very fine ensemble sound and style. 

Test Piece - Terezin (Mario Bürki)

The beginning to the test piece starts with the same confidence and drive as their own choice piece. This is really very fine playing from Regensburg. The playing is full of purpose with excellent soloists especially the solo horn. Excellent percussion. This performance is being very well shaped and directed by the MD who really is bringing out the detail in this piece.

Overall: Some excellent playing around the band and superbly directed. 

4. Brass LT (Lithuania)

On comes the band from Lithuania accompanied by rapturous applause from the public.

Test Piece - Terezin (Mario Bürki)

A very different approach to the beginning of this piece by the Lithuanians. A very musical beginning full of warmth and well defined musical lines. The euphonium soloist decided to stand behind the trombones for his solo and this approach worked well. Nice playing from the flugelhorn and solo cornet. The MD really has the band in the palm of his hand. This is some very fine playing indeed with a very balanced sound and exciting playing. Some fo the best playing we’ve heard all morning. A fabulous account of this test piece.

Own Choice - Spectrum (Gilbert Winter)

The fine playing we enjoyed during “Terezin” continues into the band’s own choice piece - Spectrum by Gilbert Vinter. Excellent ensemble playing and very fine soloists with special mention going to the solo euphonium and soprano cornet players. This performance is full of real style and is a real joy to listen to. Bravo!

Overall: Brilliant overall playing of both pieces. 
3. Annan Town (Scotland)
About to take the stage is Annan Town from Bonnie Scotland!
Test Piece - Terezin (Mario Bürki)

An explosive start to this piece by the percussion followed by some very good ensemble playing. The detail is coming through nicely with good balance across the band. Good soloists. The cornet solo was particularly well played with poise and style. Unfortunately The odd moment of untidy ensemble and poor intonation crept into this otherwise energetic performance. 

Own Choice - Essay (Edward Gregson)

Great opening to this piece. Lots of warmth to the band’s sound and this continues in to the second movement with very good solo work from solo euphonium, solo horn and solo cornet. Now and again some entries are a little tentative and lack confidence. Good job on the trombone and soprano solos at the end of the second movement. A confident start to the third movement with with plenty to admire in the ensemble playing of the band. The band is playing with energy and a real sense of purpose right to the end of the piece.
Overall: A good account of both pieces with good ensemble and soloists.
2. 1st Old Boys Band (North Ireland)

Test Piece - Terezin (Mario Bürki)

Next up is the band from Ireland. Good opening with lots of detail coming through. Just the odd tuning issue in the trombones. Very nice euphonium solo with a sound. Good flugelhorn and cornet. Much to admire in the ensemble playing with good dynamic contrasts. Very good percussion playing adding drive to this performance. Much to admire in this performance with good style, energy and controlled dynamics.

Own Choice - Sinfonietta Nr. 3 (Etienne Crausaz)

The opening starts well with some nice sounds and good ensemble. The detail is coming through nicely. Good soloists, particularly euphonium who plays with a very music approach. Nice confident playing for the solo cornet during the solo. The band is really playing with a lot of style and this is a well directed, musical performance.

A spirited and well executed performance of both pieces. 
1. Malaga Brass Band (Spain)

Own Choice - A London Overture (Philip Sparke)

It's the band from Malaga that take to the stage first this morning. Their first piece is Philipp Sparke's "A London Overture". Nice start with some very good sounds coming from low end of the band. Some intonation issues in the cornets however this doesn't detract too much from the overall playing. Nice cornet solo. Some unfortunate slips in the trombone, horn and euphonium cadenzas. The horn section is made up of three french horns giving a different sound to the middle of the band. Some good technical playing with most of the insecure playing coming in the more delicate passages. This is a well directed performance by the MD. Good playing from the solo cornet player in the slow section. Not a typical cornet sound but it was musical and was well shaped. Some untidy playing in the ensemble towards the end of the piece but the band manage to recover. Some untidy playing in the ensemble but the band manage to recover to produce a good ending.

Test Piece - Terezin (Mario Bürki)

Lots of excitement in the opening here. It’s not however always very clean in the ensemble. Good playing from the euphonium and flugelhorn as well as solo cornet and solo horn in their solo passages. The band produces some very good sounds as an ensemble. There is a nice flow to the performance with lots of drive. Some very good percussion and Soprano Cornet playing. Some intonation issues and a little harsh in the louder passages. Didn’t have the same quality of sound as the softer playing. The band rounds off a good performance with some exciting. 

Overall: Some good playing in parts with much to commend. A good start to this Challenge Section