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North of England Regional Championships - Championship Section LIVE

Saturday 16 March, 2019


2 Reg Vardy
3 NASUWT Riverside
4 Easington
5 Fishburn
6 Shepherd Building Group
7 Westoe
8 York Railway Institute
9 Harrogate

Best Soprano: NASUWT Riverside
Best Principal Cornet: EYMS
Best Euphonium: EYMS
Best Trombone: EYMS
Best Basses: EYMS
Best Percussion: Reg Vardy


All finished here and awaiting results. For me, there was one clear winner who told the true musical story and after that there are several ways the result could go. But based on musical integrity and performance today, I’m going for:

1 NASUWT Riverside

2 Easington

3 Shepherds


5 Reg Vardy

6 Fishburn

but I’m not here to judge... just to enjoy the music! 

Thanks to all the bands today.


9 York Railway Institute
The section was brought to a close with a well considered performance from York Railway Institute Band, but like so many bands today, then and met its match with this music.
Some fine individual performances and a few moments to really enjoy, but overall, it just lacked the music, drama and accuracy it really needed.

8 Harrogate
Some solid individual performances from around the stand contributed to Harrogate’s overall show today, but the music just beat the band in terms of style and accuracy. You could tell the MD had the measure of the style but the band just lacked the strength and confidence to deliver. But on sections of the music when confidence blossomed, so did the level of performance.

 7 Fishburn
Once again, Fishburn gave us a lot to enjoy with a few musical liberties from the MD along the way!
Just some of the basics of intonation and accuracy that got in the way of the performance as a whole, but as a band every individual played their part. But again, another performance that lacked the true story of the music which is a shame because a little more musical description would have lifted the performance.

6 Easington
Easington gave us a lot to enjoy in this performance that was well directed by its MD.
Again, blemishes, blips and some intonation issues along the way but it was neat, tidy and definitely tried to tell a story. More opulence, flow and control at times would have benefitted but we heard some little details which haven’t shone through in other performances today, especially from the percussion section.

5 NASUWT Riverside
This was what we’d been waiting for all weekend. An MD that really knew his stuff and Dave Roberts delivered with true style and musical integrity showing why he really is one of the best in the brass band conducting business.
From the first note we had passion, style, accuracy and musicality by the boat load and a clear musical story that truly translated the poetry the music is based on into a really enjoyable performance.
Don’t get me wrong, there were some individual slips, but this is live music. But what we had was drama and boy! this was a drama you could listen to a full series of! Bravo MD and band and thank you for once again putting the music first.

4 Westoe
There were some moments of lovely individual playing around the stand for Westoe, but as a whole performance the band and MD just didn’t find the poetry, musicality and character of this score.
More attention to basic detail would have benefitted the band as a whole, but the band delivered and performed to its best today.

3 Shepherd Building Group
No doubting Shepherds can be incredibly proud of that performance. An MD who knew his band, knew how to drive it and had done his homework on the score. A few blips and intonation along the way, but this had drive and character. A little more flow in the second movement would have enhanced it that little bit more, but the performance was certainly enjoyable.

2 Reg Vardy
Russell Gray certainly gave it his musical all on stage today but there may just have been too many individual slips and basic intonation issues for the band to return to winning form in this region.
You could so see and hear what the the conductor was trying to do but it just didn’t translate.
A popular performance with the audience but for me, it didn’t give the quality sound and accuracy of a winning band.

A well rounded start from EYMS and whilst the band made a good rounded and balanced sound, it just lacked the sense of musical poetry that music requires.
All the musicians gave it there all but it would have benefitted from more flow, lyricism, character and musicality in its reading.




1 East Yorkshire Motor Services (Stig Maersk)
2 Reg Vardy (Russell Gray)
3 Shepherd Building Group (Richard Wilton)
4 Westoe (Jason Smith)
5 NASUWT Riverside Band (Dave Roberts)
6 Easington Colliery Band (Daniel Brooks)
7 Fishburn Band (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
8 Harrogate (Leigh Baker)
9 York Railway Institute Band (David Lancaster)


Live Coverage of the North of England Regional Championships from The Gala Theatre, Durham.

Championship Section:
Sunday 17th March
Test-piece: Seascapes (Ray Steadman-Allen)
Adjudicators: Dr Brett Baker & Alan Morrison
Draw: 12pm
Commence: 1.30pm

Tabby Kerwin reporting.