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Issue 6082

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COMPOSER CAST - Christopher Bond meets Naomi Styles

North of England Regional Championships - Third Section LIVE

Saturday 16 March, 2019


1 Bearpark & Esh
2 Trimdon Concert Brass
3 Ellington Colliery
4. Knaresborough Silver (Nick Garrett)
5. Jayess Newbiggin (Andrew Griffiths)
6. Cleethorpes (Brian Harper)
7. Billingham Silver (Vaughan Evans)
8. Swinton & District Excelsior (Robin Rutter)

Best Percussion: Bearpark & Esh
Best Cornet: Soprano, Bearpark & Esh



1 Ellington Colliery Band (Claire Winter)
2 Billingham Silver Band (Vaughan Evans)
3 Swinton & District Excelsior (Robin Rutter)
4 Trimdon Concert Brass (William Harrison)
5 Knaresborough Silver Band (Nick Garrett)
6 Bearpark and Esh Colliery Band (Phillip Tait)
7 Cleethorpes Band (Brian Harper)
8 Jayess Newbiggin Band (Andrew Griffiths)


Coverage of the North of England Regional Championships from The Gala Theatre, Durham.

Third Section:
Saturday 16th March
Test-piece: First Suite in E Flat (Holst arr. Sydney Herbert)
Adjudicators: Dr Brett Baker and Stan Lippeatt
Draw: 12.30pm
Commence: 1.45pm

Tabby Kerwin reporting.