MASTER OF HIS TRADE - Remembering Allan Littlemore

Issue 6082

COVID ROADMAP - Optimism at route out of restrictions

COMPOSER CAST - Christopher Bond meets Naomi Styles

Welsh Regional Championships - Second Section LIVE

Saturday 16 March, 2019


1. Newport Borough (Robin Hackett)
2. Royal Buckley Town (Keith Jones)
3. Penclawdd (Tony Small)
4. Mid Rhondda (Alan Gibbs)
5. Ammanford Town Silver (Glyn Davies)
6. Newtown Silver (Steve Edwards)
7. Abertillery Town (Joshua Ruck)
8. Seindorf Arian Crwbin (Andrew Jones)

Best Instrumentalist: Seamus (Newport Borough)
Best Percussion: Newport Borough



Test Piece: Rise of the Phoenix (Darrol Barry)
Adjudicators: Sarah Groarke-Booth & David Hirst

1. Royal Buckley Town (Keith Jones)
2. Penclawdd (Tony Small)
3. Newport Borough (Robin Hackett)
4. Abertillery Town (Joshua Ruck)
5. Seindorf Arian Crwbin (Andrew Jones)
6. Newtown Silver (Steve Edwards)
7. Mid Rhondda (Alan Gibbs)
8. Ammanford Town Silver (Glyn Davies)