MASTER OF HIS TRADE - Remembering Allan Littlemore

Issue 6082

COVID ROADMAP - Optimism at route out of restrictions

COMPOSER CAST - Christopher Bond meets Naomi Styles

Southern Counties Regional Championships - Second Section LIVE

Saturday 16 March, 2019


1. Epsom & Ewell Silver (Paul Graham)*
2. Tendring Brass (Antony Sanders)*
3. Bedford Town (Craig Patterson)*
4. Horsham Borough (Mark McLaughlin)
5. LGB Brass (Ian Stewart)
6. BAE Systems (David Chapman)
7. Colchester (Victoria Steinitz)
8. Castleton Brass (Peter Ryan)
9. Wantage Concert Brass (Calum MacDonald)
10. Waterbeach (Andrew Kershaw)
11. Chinnor Silver (David Pegram)
12. Oxford Cherwell Brass (Terry Brotherhood)
13. St Sebastian Wokingham (John Watts)
14. Yiewsley & West Drayton (Christopher Cole)
15. Cold Ash Brass (Jemma Johnstone)
16. Littleport Brass (Ian Knpaton)
17. Tilbury (David Stokes)
18. Fairlop Brass (Kevin Jordan)

*Top three Qualify for National Final at Cheltenham



Test Piece: Rise of the Phoenix (Darrol Barry)

Adjudicators: Mark Wilkinson and Mareika Gray

1. LGB Brass (Ian Stewart)
2. Bedford Town (Craig Patterson)
3. Horsham Borough (Mark McLaughlin)
4. Littleport Brass (Ian Knpaton)
5. Fairlop Brass (Kevin Jordan)
6. Oxford Cherwell Brass (Terry Brotherhood)
7. St Sebastian Wokingham (John Watts)
8. Cold Ash Brass (Jemma Johnstone)
9. Castleton Brass (Peter Ryan)
10. Tilbury (David Stokes)
11. BAE Systems (David Chapman)
12. Waterbeach (Andrew Kershaw)
13. Yiewsley & West Drayton (Christopher Cole)
14. Epsom & Ewell Silver (Paul Graham)
15. Colchester (Victoria Steinitz)
16. Wantage Concert Brass (Calum MacDonald)
17. Tendring Brass (Antony Sanders)
18. Chinnor Silver (David Pegram)