MASTER OF HIS TRADE - Remembering Allan Littlemore

Issue 6082

COVID ROADMAP - Optimism at route out of restrictions

COMPOSER CAST - Christopher Bond meets Naomi Styles

West of England Regional Championships - First Section LIVE

Friday 8 March, 2019


1. Michlemersh Silver (Melvin White)*
2. Bodmin Town (John Maines)*
3. Glastonbury Brass (Daniel Shave)
4. Brunel Brass (Daniel Hall)
5. SW Comms (Chris Spreadbury)
6. Andover Town (Steve Large)
7. Roche Brass (David Johnson)
8. Soundhouse Brass Plymouth (Lee Clayson)
9. Helston Town (John Berryman)
10. City of Bristol Brass (Christopher Bond)
11. A W Parker (Drybrook) (Joshua Ruck)
12. Otterbourne Brass (Phillip Littlemore)
13. St Keverne (Gareth Churcher)
14. Forest of Dean Brass (Bryn James)
15. Sherborne Town (Gary Greenstock)
16. Mount Charles (Colin Toghill)

*Top two bands qualify for National Final



Adjudicators: Major David Barringer MBE & Dr Nick Grace OBE

1. Glastonbury Brass (Daniel Shave)
2. Brunel Brass (Daniel Hall)
3. Roche Brass (David Johnson)
4. Sherborne Town (Gary Greenstock)
5. St Keverne (Gareth Churcher)
6. Helston Town (John Berryman)
7. Otterbourne Brass (Phillip Littlemore)
8. Bodmin Town (John Maines)
9. Andover Town (Steve Large)
10. Soundhouse Brass Plymouth (Lee Clayson)
11. Michlemersh Silver (Melvin White)
12. A W Parker (Drybrook) (Joshua Ruck)
13. City of Bristol Brass (Christopher Bond)
14. Mount Charles (Colin Toghill)
15. SW Comms (Chris Spreadbury)
16. Forest of Dean Brass (Bryn James)