MASTER OF HIS TRADE - Remembering Allan Littlemore

Issue 6082

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COMPOSER CAST - Christopher Bond meets Naomi Styles

Midlands Regional Championships - First Section LIVE!

Friday 8 March, 2019




1. Enderby (Ryan Richards)*
2. Hucknall & Linby MC (Paul Whyley)*
3. Newstead Brass (Jim Davies)
4. Jackfield (David Maplestone)
5. Shirley (David Hirst)
6. Bedworth Brass (Wayne Ruston)
7. Kibworth (John Hudson)
8. Oddfellows Brass (Dave Hollings)
9. Harborough (Brad Turnbull)
10. Burbage (Buxton) (Steve Critchlow)
11. Staffordshire (Craig Williams)
12. Bilton Silver (Rugby) (David Stowell)
13. Shirebrook MW Unison (Jim Henson)
14. Carlton Brass (Gary Wyatt)
15. Leicestershire Co-op (Brendan Caddy)

*Top two bands qualify for National Final

Withdrawn: Glossop Old (Luke Palister)


Adjudicators: Alan Morrison and John Winterflood

Split Draws: 10.00am and 12 noon
Commences: 11.00am

1. Newstead Brass (Jim Davies)
2. Shirebrook MW Unison (Jim Henson)
3. Bilton Silver (Rugby) (David Stowell)
4. Burbage (Buxton) (Steve Critchlow)
5. Oddfellows Brass (Dave Hollings)
6. Carlton Brass (Gary Wyatt)
7. Shirley (David Hirst)
8. Bedworth Brass (Wayne Ruston)
9. Harborough (Brad Turnbull)
10. Staffordshire (Craig Williams)
11. Leicestershire Co-op (Brendan Caddy)
12. Kibworth (John Hudson)
13. Jackfield (David Maplestone)
14. Enderby (Ryan Richards)
15. Hucknall & Linby MC (Paul Whyley)

Withdrawn: Glossop Old (Luke Palister)