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Yorkshire Regional Championships - Fourth Section LIVE!

Friday 1 March, 2019


 1. Maltby Miners

2. Barnsley Metropolitan 

3. Garforth

4. Dodworth

5. Linthwaite

6. Friendly

Best Soloist; Dave Cambers (Euphonium) Maltby Miners

Best Percussion: Maltby Miners

Youngest player; Sam Thompson (Garforth Brass) age 8


Well a short but enjoyable 4th section comes to a close. Some really commited performances and all 8 bands should be very pleased with their day out. Who wins? We will find out shortly!


Dodworth Colliery (Eliot Darwin)

So we reach the end of section 4 with the experienced Eliot Darwin and his band hoping to catch the ear of the adjudicator. From the opening, percussion and band are not quite together but cornets and horns get things back on track and the music settles down with a good pulse through out. A number of clips and blips get in the way but there is lots to admire here. Solo (and only) Euphonium does a great job.

Movement 2 has a nice sense of nobility if not always together. Nice mellow sound from the horns.

Movement 3 starts  well, the MD taking a more stately approach with the tempo. Tuning and intonation problems are becoming more apparent. Lots of drive towards the end with occasional slips but overall a convincing account to end things.


Friendly Band (James Beecham)

Good opening with  perhaps the best use of dynamic contrast we have heard so far. Tubas are refined in their solo line which helps the broad approach the MD has taken with this opening. Tuning rears its head however the music moves along well with assured solo lines from the end chairs.

Movement 2 doesn't open as securely as the band would have liked but quickly settles down and soprano shines on his solo line. Good emphasis on note values is evident throughout with the ocasional intonation problems creeping in.

Movement 3 ticks along well. Good band sound which isn't forced. Cornets (of which only 6 again!) have been excellent. This is well paced and enjoyable, good dynamic contrasts with just the occasional moments of insecurity in the ensemble. Lots of drive and tempo takes the band on a real romp towards the finish line. They certainly enjoyed this!


Barnsley Metropolitan (Alex Francis)

Positive start from Barnsley Met. Slightly light on cornets (6 ,plus soprano) but the band sound is warm and mellow. Not the quietest dynamics we have heard today but the playing is confident and very few errors so far. A very secure and well rehearsed opening movement comes to a close with Bass Trombone opening the taps and giving it some! Enjoyed that!

Movement 2 has a good tempo and the excellent band sound continues. The upper dynamics are no problem to this band who are able to maintain a good sound and in tune. Maybe more could be made of the lower dynamics?

Movement 3. The MD has carefully thought through tempo and style and the band are responding well. The confident playing continues. The occasional blip in intonation begins to creep in. As we head to the accel, the cornets get a little swamped by the healthy middle of the band ( 4 horns and 3 baritones!) but a really sparkling ending to what was a well thought out performance. Bravo!

Loxley Silver (Richard Windle)

Wow! What an opening. Bold and confident and as red hot as their band jackets! The tuning in the middle of the band just takes the shine off but things settle down and the band are back on track with some nice work from the cornets.

The moderato second movement is delivered well. Occasional blips and tuning detract a little but there's a good understanding of the music from the MD who allows the music to unfold.

Movement 3 is well led by a bright sounding cornet section. The music is allowed to flow which gives a real sense of enjoyment throughout this movement. The intonation issues are creeping as we near the close. Special mention the percussion team who were excellent throughout. A vibrant ending brings to a close a convincing reading. Not without errors but should feature today.


Thurcroft Welfare (Matthew Wright)

A good mix of youth and experience take to the stage for Thurcroft. Intonation in the cornets is very apparent from the off. Shame as the playing itself was well executed. Stylistically this is a very well thought out movement by the young MD. Just a shame the tuning is marring the good work.

Good style to start movement two with middle of the band enjoying RSA's writing. The 3 man Tuba section must be mentioned. Really solid foundation and well organised throughout.

Movement 3 opens with pace, however percussion and cornets at odds with each other. The MD is working hard keeping his troops under control. Good sense of fun and excellent lower dynamics here. Just the intonation issues that have really been a recurring problem for the band today.


Garforth (John Thompson)

Very bold opening. Cornets are nice and tidy. Intonation in the horns detracts slightly but it is quickly resolved. Tubas make a nice sound. Solo Cornet, Euphonium and Trombone handle their individual solo parts well. A well paced and handled opening movement.

Movement two is steady but doesn't quite have the sense of nobility that we have hard so far. Change of key throws up a few intonation issues from the horns again and we loose some detail in the quieter dynamics. Louder dynamics seem a little forced in the lower band which is a shame. Solo cornet delivers his solo lines with ease.

Movement three opens well. with a good pulse laid down by the MD. Not quite the clarity we have heard so far but the band are working hard and seemingly enjoying themselves. Nice interplay between cornets and trombones but then we loose ensemble which is a shame.

Lots to admire from this performance. A number of errors which will disappoint for sure but a convincing close to the piece.


Linthwaite (Paul Kershaw)

Just 15 players take to the stage here. No percussion sadly. However, the balance and band sound is very nice.

Playing is controlled and well directed. Just the slightest blips here and there but this is a very good opening movement.

Second movement is led well by a full sounding Euphonium section. The two tubas are making a good effort of things maintaining a solid line. There are some really excellent lower dynamics on show. Great stuff.

The final movement is lively and the 3 strong cornet line is working hard to ensure the energy is maintained. Stamina is

Well. Perhaps less is more? The 15 players of Linthwaite putting on a really gutsy show there. Well rehearsed, controlled. Very enjoyable. Should feature!


Maltby Miners Welfare (Terry Clifford)

Bold opening from the band. Few insecurities in the horn and cornets and intonation takes a moment to settle.

Good Band sound and excellent contrast in dymnamics.

Second movement starts with good purpose and warm band sound helped by a solid tuba foundation. Nice soloists help this move alond well.

Final movement. Good style and confident playing throughout. The occasional intonation problems hinder an otherwise very pleasing performance.



Maltby Miners 



Thurcroft Welfare

Loxley silver

Barnsley metropolitan

Friendly band

Dodworth Colliery



Live coverage of the 2019 Yorkshire Regional Championships 4th Section

Test Piece - Stantonbury Festival (Ray Steadman-Allen).

Adjudicators - Alan Duguid and Sandy Smith

Damian Wileman reporting from Huddersfield Town Hall