The Essence of the Regional Championships!

Issue 5964

Full round-up of the 2018 ‘Areas’ from around the UK

Wilfred Heaton - a ‘variation’ on life

New century for ‘The Co’

London and Southern Counties Regional Championships - 1st Section

Saturday 17 March, 2018

1st Section

Gordon Craig Theatre

Test-piece: Brass Metamorphosis (James Curnow)

Saturday 17 March

Draw: 1.30pm (commences following 3rd Section results - not before 2.30pm)

Adjudicators: Sandy Smith and Ian Brownbill



1. Sandhurst Silver (David Johnson)*

2. Amersham (Paul Fisher)*

3. East of England Co-op (Nigel Cooper)

4. Staines Brass (Shane O'Neill)

5. Fulham (John Ward)

6. Bedford Town (Steve Phillips)

7. Regent Brass (Paul Archibald)

8. Cawston (Leigh Sharpe)

9. Hitchin (Graham Chambers)

10.Colchester (David Maddocks)

11. Ware Brass (Craig Patterson)

12. City of Cambridge (Peter Bassano)

13. Ware Brass (Craig Patterson)

14. Chiltern Hills Brass (Gordon Davies)

15. Grimsdyke Brass (Sharon Broughall)

16. Alder Valley Brass (Lee Woodward)


Best Soprano: Sandhurst Silver

Best Cornet: Sandhurst Silver

Best Bass Section: Sandhurst Silver