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Leading orchestral composer and conductor Kenneth Young signs with Experianza Music

Wednesday 8 November, 2017

Leading New Zealand orchestral
composer and conductor Kenneth Young
will be publishing his entire catalogue
of brass band works through Experianza
David Chaulk, Experianza Music Founder
and Managing Director, said to British
Bandsman: “I can’t tell you how thrilled
we are to sign someone of the calibre of
Kenneth Young. I’ve been such a fan of his
music for years and I’m delighted to have
the chance to expose it to band lovers
throughout the world. Everyone’s in for an
enormous treat.”
Kenneth Young, when asked why he
chose Experianza Music, said “I’ve known
David for a long time and he’s always
impressed me as being fully committed
to everything he does. I’m also thrilled
to not be lost in a stable of hundreds
of composers. I’m really excited by the
potential here.”
Initially there will be nine works for
band, including works commissioned for
the National Band of New Zealand and
euphonium virtuoso Riki McDonnell.
There’s the potential for more, including
chamber works, a concerto for brass band
and orchestra and a euphonium concerto.
Kenneth Young started his musical life
playing euphonium in Christchurch’s
Woolston Brass. As his orchestral career
flourished - first as principal tuba of the
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and
then as one of the Southern Hemisphere’s
leading orchestral conductors and
composers - Kenneth never strayed
far from his brass band roots. He has
been Musical Director of the National
Youth Brass Band of New Zealand and
is a regular chief adjudicator at national
contests. Recently, he led Wellington
Brass to victory on the contest stage and
he’s very keen to expand on his band
conducting and writing. He told BB: “I’d
love the chance to conduct a great band
in a major British or European contest. It’s
definitely part of my musical bucket list!”
After hearing several of the works
available through Experianza Music
and World of Brass, we can confidently
predict that band aficionados will much
the better for their exposure to this
wonderfully elegant composer who,
finally, will get the platform, for his band
music, that it so richly deserves.