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Issue 6006

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European Youth Brass Band Contest - LIVE!

Sunday 30 April, 2017


Development Section

1. Elland Silver Youth Band (Samantha Harrison) England 95 

2. Tertnes Skoles Musikkorps (Jan Egil Jorgensen) Norway 92

3. Manger Skulemusikklag (Thorgeir Thunestvedt) Norway 90 

4. Brass Band Aukštyn (Steven Legge) Lithuania 88

5. 1st Old Boys Silver Youth Band (Jacklin Bingham) Northern Ireland 87

6. Scottish Borders Youth (Alan Fernie) Scotland 86

Best Soloist: Joe Heartfield, trombone, Elland Silver Youth


Premier Section

1. Young Brass Band Willebroek (Frans Violet) Belgium 9

2. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans) England 93

3. BB Berner Oberland Junior (Jan Müller) Switzerland 89

4. Swedish Youth Brass Band (Berit Palmquist) Sweden 87

Best Soloist: Thomas Fountain, cornet, Youth Brass 2000


Premier Section

Adjudicators: David Thornton and Kevin Houben


1. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans) England

2. Young Brass Band Willebroek (Frans Violet) Belgium

3. BB Berner Oberland Junior (Jan Müller) Switzerland

4. Swedish Youth Brass Band (Berit Palmquist) Sweden

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Kenny Crookston reporting

3. BB Berner Oberland Junior (Jan Müller) Switzerland

The young Swiss contenders open with the test-piece, which is well negotiated and features some excellent solo performances areound the band. Nadja Gerber is the cornet soloist in Edward Gregson’s perilously difficult Prelude and Capriccio, and what a fine approach she has to the music, while the band provides an excellent platform with fine accompaniment. Shine as the Light (Peter Graham) closes this enjoyable programme, which has perhaps fallen slightly below the wonderful standard set by the previous two bands, but there have been some excellent contributions nevertheless.


2. Young Brass Band Willebroek (Frans Violet) Belgium

The defending champions from Belgium open with an effervescent Enter the Galaxies (Paul Lovatt-Cooper). The world première of Pictures from Wartime (Stijn Aertgeerts) features the fantastic Lode Violet on cornet - what a wonderful performance it is too! The young composer also gets a well-deserved ovation. Dimensions is typically mature from this outstanding young band, while it brings the house down as it ends its joyful performance with Sing, Sing, Sing (Louis Prima / arr. Dan Price). What a remarkable young band!


1. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans) England

Scintillating start with Amazonia from Windows of the World (Peter Graham) then its straight into the test-piece - Dimensions (Peter Graham). Some very mature playing here, including love cornets section sounds, while the central cornet and euphonium solos were beautifully played. A super performance overall. Jubilance (William Himes) sees cornet soloist Thomas Fountain at his brilliant best while there are lots of lovely touches in Abide With Me (Henry Francis Lyte / Karl Jenkins arr. Peter Graham). The Finale from Dances and Arias (Edward Gregson) has bags of energy, even if we had to imagine some of the inner parts at times. A fantastic performance overall though.



Development Section

Adjudicators: Bart Picqueur and Anne Crookston


1. 1st Old Boys Silver Youth Band (Jacklin Bingham) Northern Ireland

2. Tertnes Skoles Musikkorps (Jan Egil Jorgensen) Norway

3. Elland Silver Youth Band (Samantha Harrison) England

4. Brass Band Aukštyn (Steven Legge) Lithuania

5. Manger Skulemusikklag (Thorgeir Thunestvedt) Norway

6. Scottish Borders Youth Brass Band (Alan Fernie) Scotland


Graham Crookston reportin

1. 1st Old Boys Silver Youth Band (Jacklin Bingham) Northern Ireland 

 Rousing start from Old Boys Youth with the March 1914 followed by a marvelously played melody the Maid of Mourne Shore with Louise Bell shining on cornet. 

Today´s first playing of the test piece captures the vigour and enthusiasm in the band. More fine solo work in the Standing on the Promises from a talented group before a sound strong finish in Prismic Light

2 Tertenes Skoles Musikkorps (Jan Egil Jorgensen) Norway


Wow! What a start from Tertenes in Unisons, one that would put many more experienced bands in their place. Little suite No 2 next is played with the same vigour and precision. The sensitively played horn solo with Astrid Bratland Lund softens the mood before we get back into the swing with Caravan bringing the band´s full power to the fore with every section proving their talent and skill.

3 Elland Silver Youth Band (Samantha Harrison) England

Great start from Elland Silver with Fanfare for a New Age. The band has poise and sensitivity in accompanying Joseph Hartfield on trombone in Winds Beneath My Wings before soaring high and strong once again in Starburst. Little Hymn, with fine playing from the quartet and band takes us to an exciting finish with Little Suite No. 2. An equally great finale. 

4 Brass Band Aukštyn (Steven Legge) Lithuania

Good sound and balance in opening fanfare from the Lithuanian band.
Although a little unsteady at times in the test piece there is some lovely and delicate solo work in the middle movement.
A fantastically impressive performance on cornet by Indré Jonaityté in the Harry James version of Carnival of Venice. 
Both in The Smile and the final piece Funky Brass, we aree given a fine taste of the band´s balanced sound with more accomplished solo work around the band.


5 Manger Skulemusikklag (Thorgeir Thunestvedt) Norway

Another impressive start to the show with the Sami inspired Pseude-Yojk.
The test piece is steadily directed with good dynamic shifts and fine solo work throughout the piece.
Not only great brass playing in this band as they tune up with lovely solo and choir song in Abendlied.
Red Shoe Dance gives us the chance to hear another talented solo performance with Eilin Lilletveit on flugel. Manger´s finale brings back some of those funky rythms spectacularly maintaining their great Norwegian tradition.


6. Scottish Borders Youth (Alan Fernie) Scotland 

BIg sounding, impressive start from the Scots with Starlight. We have been spoilt this morning with great cornet soloists and Callum Robb is no exception with the beautifully played ...then water...

Little Suite No. 2 is next. Some great, steady ensemble playing here with fine solo work once again.

Simon Dobson´s Firefly finishes a strong and stable performance from Scottish Borders Youth.   


Thanks to all the bands for great morning entertainment with their fantastic playing and enthusiasm. 

Not easy for the judges to place all these good bands. Let´s see what they think when the results come later!