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The Geneva Group, Europe and the World

Thursday 27 April, 2017

Since Geneva Instruments took ownership of the Amati Denak, VF Červený and Amati USA companies, its portfolio has continued to grow. It recently became the Geneva Group and, in little over a year, has negotiated agreements with sales outlets and distributors throughout Europe, the UK and the American market via Amati USA. However, Geneva CEO Tim Oldroyd strives to increase market impact by pushing the boundaries of Geneva even further. Negotiations are now underway with global distributors, and new outlets, including in Turkey and China, will soon be among the company’s most active areas of operation.

From the humble beginnings of assembling parts in a home-based workshop in 2000, Geneva has become a leader in innovation, while the company’s growth, coupled with the respect shown in the market and level to which some competitors have followed, is a reliable measure of its success. Tim Oldroyd commented: “The purchase of Amati Denak, VF Červený and, finally, Amati USA in 2016, have been the jewels in Geneva’s crown to date. VF Červený and Synové have manufactured musical instruments since 1842 and are renowned across the world for the excellence of their products.”

Looking forward, Tim Oldroyd added: “The way is now open for Geneva to advance even further as a world leader in musical instrument manufacture, and to promote new and existing products to secure a healthy and sustainable future. Amati is one of Europe’s biggest musical instrument manufacturers, and its brass and woodwind instruments are made exclusively by skilled Czech craftsmen drawing on centuries of tradition and countless decades of experience among its 270-strong workforce. The company, which enjoys strong home and export markets, makes instruments in the cities of Kraslice and Hradec Kralove, where the musical instrument manufacturing tradition dates back hundreds of years. Amati USA is based in New York, where the highly-skilled staff works to the same manufacturing principles and standards of precision employed in the Czech operation. The result is a cross-genre range of instruments that is the envy of the world, with its leading models being played by many of the finest musicians across the globe.”

Tim Oldroyd concluded: “At the Geneva Group we combine century-old tradition with modern innovation. As a main sponsor of the European Championships, we will have some of our most recent innovations displayed on our trade stand in Ostend and everyone is welcome to come along and have a chat with one of our representatives to discuss these improvements in our already outstanding range of brass band instruments. For those who haven’t yet tested them, come and have a try of these wonderful products to see for yourself just how good they really are. You won’t be disappointed!”

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