Gearing up for the big occasion

Issue 5957

BB looks forward to major band events at Birmingham and Cheltenham

High-profile responses open up collaboration debate

Getting the university band back together!

LIVE - London and Southern Counties Regional Championships - 3rd Section

Saturday 18 March, 2017

Adjudicators: David Hirst and Alan Duguid

Test-piece: Darkwood (Dan Price)

Kenny Crookston reporting


1. Castleton Brass (Peter Ryan)

2. Oxford Cherwell Brass (Terry Brotherhood)

3. Fairlop Brass (Kevin Jordan)

4. Tadley Concert Brass (Paul Chapman)

5. Olney Brass (Neil Brownless)

6. Simon Langton Brass (David Cutting)

7. Cold Ash Brass (Jemma Evans)

8. Hangleton (Richard Baker)

9. Tendring Brass (Antony Sanders)

10. Jubilee Brass (Oxford) (Clifford Sadler)

11. Brighton and Hove City Brass (Matthew Hackett)

12. Chichester City (Rom Shanks)

13. East Coast Brass (Paul Speed)

14. Hemel Hempstead (David Edmonds)

In the BB Frame*







*NOT the official result!  



1. Jubilee Brass (Oxford) (Clifford Sadler)
2. East Coast Brass (Paul Speed)
3. Simon Langton Brass (David Cutting)
4. Hemel Hempstead (David Edmonds)
5. Hangleton (Richard Baker)
6. Brighton and Hove City Brass (Matthew Hackett)
7. Tadley Concert Brass (Paul Chapman)
8. Oxford Cherwell Brass (Terry Brotherhood)
9. Fairlop Brass (Kevin Jordan)
10. Olney Brass (Neil Brownless)
11. Castleton Brass (Peter Ryan)
12. Cold Ash Brass (Jemma Evans)
13. Chichester City (Rom Shanks)
14. Tendring Brass (Antony Sanders)