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BB at Butlins - Youth Sections

Sunday 15 January, 2017


Youth Section

Venue: Reds

Section Controller: Mr and Mrs Ian Beckett

Sunday 15 January

Pre-drawn (commences after Unregistered Section)

Test-piece: Own-choice

Adjudicator: Martin Heartfield

Gerry Duggan reporting


Youth Contest

1. Bavarian Youth Brass

2. Youth Brass 2000

3. Shirland Youth 

4. Enderby Youth

5. Gresley Colliery Youth Band

Best Soloist: Solo cornet, Bavarian Youth Brass

Youngest Competitor: Oliver Groarke, 5, Gresley Colliery Youth Band


Un-Registered Youth Bands

1. Shirland Training

2Wigston Enterprise Band

Best Soloist: Fleur Moakes (Shirland Training)


Well that's the best four hours I've spent this weekend, no disrespect to 1st Section bands yesterday or, indeed, to the Malt Whisky Society I arrived with on Friday. 

A thrilling day of high calibre music-making which we hope you have picked up from the comments below. Congratulations to all seven bands for their entertainment today, it has been a privelige.

Not long until we find out Martin Heartfield's adjudication. We feel that Youth Brass 2000 may have done enough to retain its title but we wont be surprised by a smash and grab from our German guests -  a fabulous day whatever the results which are due shortly.

5. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)

A stunning opener from defending champion Youth Brass 2000, Philip Harper’s ‘Beyond the Tamar’ displaying what is an incredibly rich sound for such a young ensemble. The second piece is even better, some intricate choreography not in any way detracting from a not insignificant level of musicianship. MD Chris Jeans is in total control, he continues to have the recipe which sees this band succeed so often, it has such a confident, mature sound.

Philip Sparke’s ‘Music from Tombstone’, featuring some excellent percussion work, preceeds William Himes’ hymn tune ‘Ellacombe’. To begin with, the back row cornets display a remarkable confidence in standing to deliver the theme in unison, manys a senior band would not consider such a move!

Youth Brass 2000 now reverts back to Philip Harper’s ‘Beyond the Tamar’ with the African ‘Tongoyo’ the entire band chanting along with percussion and tribesman! Clever and effective. The programme comes to an end with Sparke’s ‘Marcho Brioso’ and Chris Jeans quite rightly milks the applause. This was most entertaining and most enjoyable.

4. Enderby Youth (Trevor Hounsome)

Enderby Youth, resplendent in red waistcoats, opens it set with a fine rendition of Alan Fernie’s ‘Prismatic Light’. It is noticeably quieter than the previous band, a hard act to follow indeed, but no less in precision and detail.

We are then treated to an old favourite from the solo contest circuit, principal cornet player Josie Allen firing out a quite excellent ‘La Belle Americane’ (Hartmann). What a great rendition, a beautiful cornet sound allied to top-drawer technique - bravo!

As its march, Enderby chooses ‘Semper Fidelis’ (J P Sousa) while Alan Fernie’s arrangement of ‘Lloyd’ is the selected hymn tune and both are played with care and an understated control. This band is very pleasant on the ear, finishing with a flourish with Lord of the Dance (Hartmann arr. Somerset). The youngsters of Enderby Youth obviously love this one, as does the crowd, as do we!

3. Bavarian Youth Brass (Benjamin Markl)

A warm welcome greets the German youngsters of Bavarian Youth Brass who take to the stage with half of them dressed in red tops, the other half in white. After a quite excellent ‘Fanfare and Flourishes’ (James Curnow) it becomes evident there is a Germany v. England football theme going on, the second offering being the Schönfeld-March by Carl Michael Ziehrer, making it 1-0 to the Germans.

There is a fair bit of visual entertainment on show as England takes a 2-1 lead through Stephen Sykes’ arrangement of ‘I Want it All’ and Mark Freeh’s arrangement of ‘Carnival of Venice’, played superbly well by the soloist without music. An amicable draw is reached with the ‘Loffel Polka’, complete with a Bavarian dance routine.

While this is going on, we are listening to some real quality musicians here, the ensemble is fantastic in places, as is the attention to detail. We are hearing a dynamic range which wouldn’t have been out of place at yesterday’s 1st Section contest and a confidence in the ranks which is quite engaging.

The football theme comes to a close with the band’s best offering, a quite stunning ‘Deep Harmony’. The players all shake hands, happy to accept the real winner is………'Music' (arr. Derek Broadbent).

As the finale is belted out, you can’t help but think they may be well over their allotted 20 minutes here but the audience doesn’t care, several of them on their feet to applaud the Germans off stage.

2. Shirland Welfare Training (Lyndon Cooper)

Lynden Cooper leads the Shirland Welfare Training band on stage for its 20 minute programme. They are all dressed in black but there is nothing dark about the opening march, William Rimmer’s ‘Cross of Honour’, played with discipline and a fair degree of power - a great opener!

The conductor of the Training Band, Jack Newborough, shows us his tuba playing skills with a well delivered ‘The Ploughboy’ (Siebert) before an excellent rendition of the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’, showcasing an excellent cornet section.

Each band must play a hymn tune and Shirland Welfare Training choose the traditional Welsh hymn ‘Calon Lân’, very well played and directed, rounding off an excellent set.

1. Gresley Colliery Youth Band (Duncan Jackson)

An animal-themed programme from Gresley Colliery which gets underway with Alan Fernie’s arrangement of Sousa’s ‘Liberty Bell’ played with a great deal of gusto! ‘Psalm 23’ follows, cunningly disguised as the theme tune from the Vicar of Dibley before an entertaining ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’, complete with fancy dress.

This is another well trained group of youngsters, perhaps at their best with the upbeat ‘Under the Sea’ and, despite the odd challenge, Gresley Colliery closes well with Allan Catherall’s ‘Born Free’.

A fine show from the Midlands youngsters, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy their experience, as did an appreciative crowd.





There will be a short break now as the stage is set for the Youth Section contest. First up will be Gresley Colliery Youth Band under Duncan Jackson


2. Wigston Enterprise (Matt Davis)

Next up is the Wigston Enterprise band under Musical Director Matt Davis. Wigston starts off with the Gordon MacKenzie arranged ‘1914 March’ followed by the Andrew Lloyd Webber duet ‘All I Ask of You’ featuring Alex Bentley (cornet) and Tim Rupp (euphonium) – not an easy duet by any means and both youngsters do well.

Wigston Enterprise continues with the sonorous ‘Be Still’ (David Evans arr. Stephen Tighe) but leave the best until last, the band obviously enjoying the Andrew Duncan arranged Proclaimers hit ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)’.

A fine programme from the Wigston youngsters with great enthusiasm from their MD Matt Davis, well done!

1. Shirland Training (Jack Newborough)

Welcome along to the Reds Auditorium in Skegness where we are looking forward to an afternoon of youth music. Contest controller Ian Beckett has warmed up the sizeable crowd with some dreadful jokes before introducing the first of two bands in the Unregistered Section, Shirland Training, under the guidance of conductor Jack Newborough.

Shirland Training opens with the upbeat ‘Clough Top’ march followed quickly by band favourite ‘Boulders Brass’. We then hear a quite beautiful solo, ‘Shaker Song’ from youngster Fleur Moakes, barely the height of a music stand. This is an excellent performance, the young lady showing tremendous control and tunefulness, bravo!!

Shirland continue with ‘Kum-Ba-Yah’ before closing with an energetic ‘Latin Fiesta’. This was an excellent programme from a well-trained and extremely tuneful ensemble - these youngsters should be well pleased with their efforts, a pleasure to listen to.


Unregistered Section

Venue: Reds

Section Controller: Mr and Mrs Ian Beckett

Sunday 15 January

Pre-drawn (commences 12.00 noon)

Test-piece: Own-choice

Adjudicator: Martin Heartfield

  1. Shirland Training (Jack Newborough)
  2. Wigston Enterprise (Matthew Davis)