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Andrew Wainwright


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Paul Bennett

Dr. Robert Childs

Morten Fagerjord

Sophie Hart

Chris Helme

Dr. Ronald Holz

Alan Jenkins

David Kinross

Henk Van Loon

Tim Mutum

Dr. Rodney Newton

Frank Renton

Robert Richardson

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British Bandsman was founded in London in September 1887 by Sam Cope (1856-1948) as The British Bandsman: A monthly magazine for Bandmasters and members of Military and Brass Bands. The magazine was printed monthly until its frequency was increased to weekly in 1902 after John Henry Iles purchased the publishing company Richard Smith & Co.

Subsequent owners have included Bandsman's Press Ltd. (prior to 1977), Austin Catelinet Ltd. (1977-2000), Kapitol Media and Events Ltd. (2000-04) and The Salvation Army (2004-15). In April 2015, British Bandsman was sold to KGC Media Ltd., a company formed by the publication's current Managing Editor. In edition 5946 of 1 October 2016, it was announced that British Bandsman would be subsequently be published monthly.

British Bandsman Editors

James Waterson (1) - 1887-88

Sam Cope (2) - 1888-95

James Browne (3) - 1895-98

Sam Cope - 1899-1906

Herbert Whiteley (4) - 1906-30

Sam Cope - 1930-42

John Henry Iles (5) - 1942-51

Eric Ball (6) - 1951-63

Alfred Mackler (7) - 1963-64

Eric Ball - 1964-67

Geoffrey Brand (8) - 1967-75

Robert D. Alexander (9) - 1975-77 

Peter Wilson (10) - 1977-2000

Nicola Bland (11) - 2000-04

Kenneth Crookston (12) - 2004-2018

Andrew Wainwright (13) - 2018 - present

With its outstanding team of contributors, British Bandsman remains at the forefront of the brass band media and an important catalyst for debate in the worldwide banding community. In addition to the monthly magazine and website, British Bandsman maintains its high profile through its involvement as a sponsoring partner of the European Brass Band Championships and the Brass in Concert Championship.